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10 days ago by Basically Games (@Basically_Games)

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Hey everyone! Thanks for all the bug reports. I've spent most of my development time this past week fixing bugs, and version 0.5.1 brings all these fixes to you! Here's the full changelog:

  • Dr. Reflex now opens locked standard doors when he passes through them, just like other school faculty characters do.
  • Adjusted the balance of rare items.
  • It's a Bully now only pushes the player and NPCs. Other entities now pass through him.
  • Chalkles now forces all doors in the room shut when he activates.
  • Mystery rooms no longer appear on the map, even if the map is purchased from Johnny.
  • Fixed 'Nana Peels being lost from the inventory when saving and continuing a game.
  • Fixed stamina not dropping when running against an opposing force such that the player's overall velocity is less than their walking speed.
  • Fixed issues with how angles were calculated for sprites with multiple viewing angles.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an empty caption to appear during the flood event.
  • Fixed a confusing issue with power tubes. When the elevator screen is loaded, it will show how many tubes the player has at the moment, but now the tubes will also be updated when a new level is loaded and power tubes are restored to 3.
  • Fixed the elevator for endless mode showing 2 power tubes instead of 1.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some items with time limits, such as the name tag and boots, to continue using up time during field trips, wasting them.
  • Fixed portal posters never spawning in levels.
  • Fixed the principal whistle never appearing in Johnny's Store.
  • Fixed a bug where an entity sliding on a banana peel into the bully would result in it getting stuck bouncing off of the bully until he left (And sometimes making a horrible noise as well).
  • Fixed a bug where getting sucked into a whirlpool while holding a math machine balloon would result in it getting lowered.
  • Fixed inaccessible cells being visible on the map as part of some of the new cafeterias and libraries when purchasing the map from Johnny.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed lockers to generate into other rooms through doors or other openings.
  • Fixed Dr. Reflex not always facing an entity as he squishes it.
  • Partially fixed a bug that allowed swinging doors to generate on top of one-way doors and possibly other types. This may still happen occasionally but I have fixed one of the ways this could happen.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally resulted in some items in levels not being dependent on the seed.
  • Fixed captions continuing to render for game objects that have been disabled (In particular, Arts & Crafters' caption remaining visible even after disappearing).
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to click on a Math Machine after their held balloon has popped and still be able to submit the last held number as an answer.

These are bugs that I was not able to reproduce myself, but that I still attempted to fix by reviewing code and cleaning out potential flaws. Since I have not been able to test these bugs myself, I cannot verify they have been fixed. If anyone still experiences any of the below bugs, please let me know and try to provide as many details as possible to help me figure out how to reproduce the bug.

  • Hopefullyfixed a bug that would cause Dr. Reflex to tilt the player camera up or down when turning the player to face him.
  • Hopefullyfixed a bug that would rarely cause Baldi to stop counting down at the beginning of the level and never beginning the game, allowing players to get through the level without any characters spawning or events starting. This fix was attempted by adding a failsafe to the AudioManager sound queueing system.
  • The players height can no longer be changed by walking into a sloped collider or by any other means. This is a failsafe as sloped colliders should not be in the game but may occasionally slip in (As happened in version 0.4).
  • Some cells in levels can now be marked as secret and won't appear on the map, even if purchased from Johnny.

Note that many of the issues listed here have been reported by players, but I have yet to reproduce them myself, so the accuracy of them might vary.

  • Balloons occasionally clip into objects.
  • NPCs will often not try to flip themselves when they are oriented opposite the player during Gravity Chaos. This can lead to strange NPC behavior.
  • NPCs will occasionally appear to turn-around when entering open areas where a hallway bridges between two different parts of that open area.
  • Lockdown doors near spawn can be seen snapping into the open position at game start.
  • Dr. Reflex can squish NPCs even when they do not match his orientation during Gravity Chaos.
  • Captions are more likely to stack on top of each other and become hard to read due to the new sound propagation system. I plan on finding a way to prevent captions from rendering on top of each other.
  • There is no indication for when entities are about to become unsquished.
  • It is possible to see out of bounds while being rotated by a gravity flipper while squished.
  • On some screen resolutions, it is possible to see a gap through some elements on the elevator screen.
  • Some NPCs are very annoying when they are squished.
  • Wind and conveyor belt audio is not propagated.
  • NPCs will occasionally end up wandering into an area they should be fleeing from.
  • Dr. Reflex can sometimes get his hammer early while being pushed around by outside forces.
  • NPCs will occasionally get stuck on the merry-go-round.
  • NPCs can collide with other entities through walls, triggering their effects.
  • Math Machine balloons can rarely get stuck behind the diagonal math machine.
  • Principal, under some circ*mstances, can maintain his fast speed after using the principal whistle.
  • Whirlpools that spawn behind a closed elevator gate still pull on the player, and this can cause the player to get stuck if there are multiple whirlpools.
  • Dr. Reflex's sprite rarely getting tilted when pushed by multiple outside forces at once.
  • Holding the quick map open while opening the advanced map causes a small visual issue.
  • Arts and Crafters' echoes while attacking don't always match his orientation during the gravity event.
  • When spawning in a level, the inventory says "Nothing" even if an item is highlighted.
  • Chalkles' voice sometimes cuts out while laughing due to the audio being propagated and entering another room/going out of bounds.
  • Going on a field trip while the "all notebooks" notification sound is playing will cause it to play a second time after returning from the field trip.
  • A seed is displayed when playing pre-made maps.
  • Held sprite objects, such as the math machine balloons, can be held into other areas such that their lighting noticeably changes.
  • Mrs. Pomp doesn't wander around class rooms in pre-made maps. She just stands in a corner.
  • Certain sound effects are delayed while the environment is frozen (Such as when Mrs. Pomp is asking the player to come to her class).
  • Maps from saved games of Hide & Seek from older versions of the game will fill out the areas found from the previous play session, even if it doesn't match new level generation.
  • Principal doesn't open office doors during detention while fleeing from a tape.
  • Beans' gum will float if the surface it hit is moved away.
  • During the flood, hall swinging doors do not open, while swinging doors that lead into rooms do open.
  • The map in Johnny's store doesn't remain sold out after buying it when replaying the same level.
  • NPCs can rarely end up stuck in the ground after the flood event(If anyone can figure out how to reproduce this please let me know because I cannot).

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Version 0.5.1 is available now! (2024)
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