Truck Camper Interior: 9 Ideas for Your Dream Camper - The Wayward Home (2024)

There are so many awesome truck campers out there these days. But picking the right camper is just the first step. Then, the real work of customizing your truck camper interior begins.

From customizing cushions for throw pillows to installing curtain rods for window treatments to sprucing up your bathroom, there’s so much you can do to make truck campers unique.

To give you inspiration, we searched through Instagram posts and YouTube videos to find the best truck camper interior ideas for how to build out your dream camper.

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Truck Camper Interior Idea #1 from @misssnorris

Turning your camper into a cozy tiny home is about making more with less. And nothing quite demonstrates that principle more than this beautiful customized camper shell. No, you can’t stand up inside, but look how cute it is!

Starting at the top, I love the wooden roof that makes the space feel like you’re not sleeping in a truck bed. She’s maximized the space with a small bed, a kitchen, a book nook, and space for her 6-volt battery and charging station.

If you look closely at the new flooring she installed, you’ll notice she added plenty of insulation as well. That flooring just looks better than a standard truck bed floor, but I’m sure it also feels less chilly on her feet first thing in the morning.

Finally, one of the best features of camping in this type of truck camper is the ability to keep the rear hatch and tailgate open to your view. But I love how she installed privacy screens (they look like some sort of Dyneema fabric) on either side so there’s less of a direct view into her living and sleeping area.

Truck Camper Interior Idea #2 from @rvwithrandc

Truck Camper Interior: 9 Ideas for Your Dream Camper - The Wayward Home (1)

This a great before and after photo of an interior renovation. One of the downsides of living or camping in a truck camper or trailer is that it can be pretty dark inside.

So it’s incredible to see the difference between these two pictures. What was an older truck camper interior became a fresh, bright RV camper after this remodel. First of all, I love the white paint on the walls and cabinets to really brighten this truck camper up.

But I also like how they accented that white with darker paint on the lower parts of the camper. It’s the perfect solution for brightening up the interior while also highlighting that window from the camper into the truck.

One thing that might go unnoticed about this remodel is the kitchen sink. I just love the farmhouse-style faucet and the accented backsplash they put behind it. Oh yeah, and they nailed the wood choice for the kitchen counter as well.

Truck Camper Interior Idea #3 from @rossmonster_vans

Truck Camper Interior: 9 Ideas for Your Dream Camper - The Wayward Home (2)

Talk about a truck camper with a modern feel! I mean, where do your eyes go first? Mine went to the accent LED lights on the cork floor and the fact that the owner decided to install a door that allows you to climb right from the truck into the camper without going outside.

Then you have the beautiful teak wood countertops and the deep kitchen sink with a sink cover to increase the overall counter space when you’re cooking or hanging out. That bed over the cab looks supremely comfortable, but there are actually two beds in this camper.

The cushion arrangement on the couch and dining table can be laid down to create a second bed. That allows this RV to sleep up to four people comfortably, which is uncommon in most truck campers.

And once your eyes make it all the way to the top, you’ll notice the durable Shou Sugi Ban tongue and groove ceiling around the skylight, air conditioning unit, and roof vent. And one of the features you can’t quite see is that this camper boasts a stainless steel fridge and freezer.

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Idea #4 from @macspubs

Truck Camper Interior: 9 Ideas for Your Dream Camper - The Wayward Home (4)

For the record, I’m a huge fan of brightening up truck campers and really the interior of any RV using white cabinetry, whether you’re painting the cabinets or installing completely new ones.

That’s primarily why this camper conversion caught my eye, but when I looked more closely, I started noticing little things like all the hooks for hanging optional equipment in the kitchen. Hanging storage is really convenient when you’re living in a small space and frees up other storage areas for larger items.

I also love the curtains hung inside the open storage areas underneath the kitchen sink. This keeps what can often become cluttered RV cabinets out of sight and out of mind until you need something they contain.

Plus, it looks like they were about to use the same materials with curtain rods to hang curtains over the kitchen window and the window next to the cabover bed as well. This kind of multi-purpose thinking is what helps you keep your cost down when you remodel a truck camper.

Truck Camper Interior Idea #5 from @brittanyloyer

Truck Camper Interior: 9 Ideas for Your Dream Camper - The Wayward Home (5)

This exciting interior remodel is all about the kitchen. It’s one of the best before and after posts I’ve seen, because the difference between the old and new is really night and day.

You may be noticing a theme in some of my selections, but I can’t stress enough how much white paint can really brighten up an RV or truck camper. And in this case, they also installed white stick-on tile as a backsplash in the entire kitchen.

That’s a great move because it doesn’t cost much, it’s easy to install, it will protect the walls and wallpaper underneath, and you can easily pull it off and change the look if you want something else down the line.

I do love the idea of the stick-on spice rack below the range hood vent as well, but I’ll offer a word of caution on that from my previous experience: you’ll need to thoroughly clean the wallpaper before installing stick-on tile and you should allow it to adhere for about 24 hours before using the RV range.

If the tiles don’t have a clean surface to adhere to, and they are exposed to heat too soon, they are likely to unstick, which could cause them (and, in this case, the spice rack) to come falling down at an inopportune moment.

Idea #6 from Jonathan Yentch

Jonathan was working with a camper mounted in his Toyota Tacoma; a camper he nicknamed the ‘Slumber Queen’. Well, actually, Slumber Queen (no longer in business) was the original manufacturer of this 1985 camper.

While this camper looks unassuming from the outside, he’s done some interesting things to the inside. But before I get into that, I have to take the chance to second Jonathan’s take on the importance of an RV door mat (around 9:00 into the video). A mat is essential for minimizing how much dirt gets tracked inside when you’re constantly loading in and out.

Okay, mats, aside, the next thing that caught my eye about this camper was the combination of white paint with accents. I love the natural wood trim and the fact that he took the time to leave the natural wood color on the handles of his cabinets as well.

Then, he made his own curtains for the windows on this camper using an iron-on hem process. So he bought the fabrics and the curtain rods and did the rest himself — another great way to minimize the cost of conversions on any campervan or RV.

There’s a lot to love about this truck camper interior, from his couch to all the gear he added. But my final point is that he took the time to maintain access to his freshwater tank via a removable panel that triples as a small bench or a step to help get into the cabover bed.

For more info, Jonathan has more videos on his YouTube channel detailing his entire camper renovation process.

Truck Camper Interior Idea #7 from Epic Skoolies

This one is kind of unconventional! Not many people think of box trucks when they consider a truck or campervan conversion, but this stealth conversion by Epic Skoolies is surprisingly luxurious inside.

For one, I love that they kept the exterior relatively unassuming. When you’re boondocking or trying to sleep in a Wal-Mart parking lot overnight between destinations, sometimes it’s good not to look like every other camper out there.

Now, onto some of their excellent ideas from this complete box truck renovation. First, the quick video slide by the kitchen sink caught my attention. Nobody really likes doing dishes, but it’s a whole lot easier with a faucet that can be moved around to help you clear the sink of food debris, and this is something you don’t find on many RV or camper models.

Next, holy cow that shower! You don’t find many small camper models for trucks that have a shower at all, not to mention one with a circular LED light around a mirror and dual showerheads for the ultimate in cleaning luxury. Plus, there’s a Porta-Potti to finish off this bathroom.

There’s so much to tap into when you dive into the details of this complete box camper remodel, but the final feature I want to highlight is the fact that they have two beds with accessible storage underneath. One is open and the other holds all the vital electronics that make this model go.

By the way, Epic Skoolies is a great follow on YouTube for more box truck and bus conversion ideas.

Idea #8 from Nathaniel Wise

Nathaniel has this rare Bigfoot camper mounted on a Toyota Tundra with a six foot bed. One of my favorite appliances for adding to models without a built-in refrigerator is a 12-volt Dometic fridge-freezer combination, so I just wanted to highlight that before getting into the details of Nathan’s remodel (since he has one!).

For one, Nathaniel’s tour is beautifully creative because he naturally takes you through some of the basic operations of his truck camper interior as he wakes up. From opening the windows to prepping his pot of coffee, you start to get a sense of what it would truly be like to live in one of these camper trucks.

An interesting feature I noticed is that he has a pump-action freshwater tank installed. But instead of a foot pump, like I’ve seen before, his faucet actually includes a hand pump for him to get fresh water into his kettle.

Once he gets a few sips of coffee in him (and opens his creaky door), Nathaniel takes us through one of the great benefits of campers for trucks: they aren’t tied to the truck itself, so they can be removed and installed on another truck (with the appropriate hardware) as needed.

I also love that he takes us through some of the upgrades he made in terms of tires and suspension on his Tundra. Understanding weight ratings is important when choosing a camper for your truck, but Nathanial highlights some things you can do for a safer, smoother ride.

Aside from that, the interior amenities I love include the propane-fueled catalytic heater, the storage baskets for produce and dried goods, and the seven-foot long couch for lounging or a second bed.

While the materials and fabrics used in this renovation are gorgeous, Nathaniel also has a lot of great storage and organization solutions. And staying organized is key when living in a small space.

Truck Camper Interior Idea #9 from ENDGAME

I don’t want to play favorites, but we might’ve saved the best for last here. Dave’s handcrafted DIY camper is truly unique, and this is the fifth camper that he has made as of the date of the video above.

While they’re just aesthetic, I love the carved wolf and the compass rose on the back. The construction is 1/4″ plywood covered by a smooth, roll-on bed liner material that offers waterproofing and a durable finish. The frame is cedar and the panels are strengthened with a process that’s similar to structurally insulated panels.

He added an outdoor kitchen and a robust air conditioner for outdoor living comfort. In the truck camper interior, there’s an L-shaped couch with soft cushions that actually serves as the primary sleeping area because he mostly utilizes the lowered cabover area for storage.

One of his best solutions was to add a slide-out table to the kitchen counter. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I had one of these in regular campers for added storage space, but it makes a ton of sense for campers of this style as well.

He also has a USB rechargeable faucet (never seen that before!) and two portable 7-gallon water tanks instead of a fixed tank, which offers more refill flexibility instead of having to pull into a campground to refill like you would with a traditional trailer.

Finally, it might not look like this rig has any windows at first glance, which is a no-no in my book. But there are actually two side windows covered by internal shutters that are insulated and provide extra privacy.


Whether you just bought an older camper or your truck camper is hot off the press, these truck camper interior remodel ideas will give you plenty to contemplate. And if you’ve recently given your truck camper interior a fresh new look, we hope you share with us by tagging us on social media @thewaywardhome or leaving a comment below!

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Truck Camper Interior: 9 Ideas for Your Dream Camper - The Wayward Home (2024)


Why are truck bed campers so expensive? ›

Expensive materials such as aluminum and fiberglass are used by RV manufacturers to ensure truck campers are lightweight but strong. Additionally, many include stainless steel features and are insulated using top-of-the-line insulations. These pricey materials add up quickly, forcing the retail price up as well.

What size truck do I need for a slide-in camper? ›

We almost always recommend that you buy a one-ton truck to haul a truck camper. Why? Because one-ton trucks feature the largest payload ratings for non-commercial trucks and are equipped with the suspension and brakes required to safely haul a heavy load like a truck camper.

What is a slide-in truck camper? ›

A slide-in camper is a type of RV that 'slides in' the bed of a pickup truck and is then carried on the bed as you explore the open road. A slide-on camper is what most people think of when they think of truck-mounted campers. They are hard-sided and can offer all the amenities of other RVs.

What are the drawbacks to truck campers? ›

Con: Space Limits

Truck campers are very small. While this makes them easy to store, this also means that only a few people can travel in them comfortably. If you have a larger family or want to bring friends with you on your RV trip, a slide-in might not have enough room for everyone if you factor in luggage.

Are truck campers worth it? ›

Investing in a truck bed camper can save you money in the long run. Here are some of the reasons: Low maintenance: Aside from periodic oil changes, engine tune-ups, and tire changes for your truck, you won't have to spend a fortune to keep your camper well-maintained.

Which truck is best for a camper? ›

The majority of pickups sold in the U.S. are 1/2-ton models, such as the Ford, F-150, Chevy 1500 or Ram 1500. While these can definitely carry a lighter camper, it's not the best idea. A far better choice is a 3/4 ton pickup, such as a F-250 or 2500 series.

Do I need a dually for a truck camper? ›

Once fully loaded and wet, most single-slide campers (and some non-slide, hard sides as well) require the capacity of a dually truck. Any camper with more than one slide absolutely requires a dual rear wheel truck.

How heavy of a truck camper can I put on my truck? ›

The total weight of the truck subtracted from the truck's GVWR will be the cargo weight the truck can carry. To determine the approximate weight of a camper, add the weight of all optional equipment (both factory- and dealer-installed) to the camper wet weight that's posted next to the camper's entry door.

Can you tow with a slide in truck camper? ›

If towing a trailer is part of the slide-in camper program, a hitch extension will probably be needed. It's important that the extension be well braced to prevent side-to-side movement and strong enough to support the stress of leverage from the trailer hitch weight.

Do you have to remove the tailgate for a truck camper? ›

Does the truck tailgate remain on the truck when the camper is installed? The campers are designed to be installed with the tailgate removed. If left on it will be in the down position, making it challenging to get in and out of the camper. Also, removing the tailgate enables easier access to the spare tire.

Why are campers so expensive right now? ›

In 2021 that number skyrocketed to over 600,000 RVs shipped. That massive increase in demand was reflected in increased prices for both new and used motorhomes and travel trailers. Even with so many RVs shipped, manufacturers could not meet demand. Used RVs were in short supply.

Why are camper vans so expensive now? ›

Demand has seen recreational vehicle sales soar to record highs. Combine that demand with supply chain issues and fuel prices dramatically increasing the costs of vehicle components and raw materials. It's not a time when you're likely to score a great deal on a camper van — or fuel and maintain one on the cheap.

Why are sleeper trucks so expensive? ›

Extended sleeper trucks often hold their value better than standard models, which can be beneficial at the time of resale. Extended sleeper trucks' additional features and comforts make them highly desirable, particularly for long-haul drivers. As such, they often command higher prices in the used truck market.

Is truck camping expensive? ›

Truck bed camping is becoming so popular because it requires less upfront cost. Also, truck campers are relatively more straightforward to drive, versatile, and economical in terms of insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs. If adequately prepared, camping in a pickup truck is as safe as other camping methods.

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