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Atmospheric above-ground pool & spa heater (chauffe-piscine)

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  • User's installation and operation manual (36 pages)
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Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents

  • Warnings

  • Pay Attention to These Terms

  • Water Chemistry

  • Automatic Chlorinators

  • Safety

  • Water Temperature Safety

  • Model Identification

  • Specifications

  • Unpacking

  • Installation

  • Installation Codes

  • Clearances

  • Base Installation

  • Outdoor Installation

  • Indoor Installation

  • Gas Connections

  • Gas Pressure Regulator

  • Water Connections

  • Electrical Connections

  • Owner's Operating Instructions

  • Control Adjustments-Analog

  • Control Adjustments-Digital

  • Thermostat Operation-Advanced Flame Technology (AFT) Board

  • Status and Diagnostics

  • Remote Control Installation

  • Wiring Diagrams

  • Winterizing

  • Post Start-Up Inspection

  • Cold Weather Operation

  • Maintenance

  • Service

  • Water Pressure Switch

  • Flame Roll-Out Safety Switch

  • High Limits

  • Burner Tray Removal

  • Gas Valve Removal

  • Heat Exchanger Removal

  • Tube Cleaning Procedure

  • De-Sooting Procedure

  • Replacement Parts

  • Electronic Control Logic Flowchart

  • Analog Control Logic Flowchart

  • Illustrated Parts List


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Pool & Spa



Models 106 & 156


WARNING: If the information in these

instructions are not followed exactly, a fire or

explosion may result causing property

damage, personal injury or death.

FOR YOUR SAFETY: Do not store or use

gasoline or other flammable vapors and

liquids or other combustible materials in the

vicinity of this or any other appliance. To do

so may result in an explosion or fire.


• Do not try to light any appliance.

• Do not touch any electrical switch; do not

use any phone in your building.

• Immediately call your gas supplier from a

neighbor's phone. Follow the gas suppli-

er's instructions.

• If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call

the fire department.

Installation and service must be performed by

a qualified installer, service agency or the gas



This manual should be maintained in legible condition and kept adjacent to the heater or in another safe place for

future reference.

CATALOG NO. 6100.62B


Effective: 12-18-13

AVERTISsem*nT: Assurez-vous de bien suivre

les instructions données dans cette notice pour

réduire au minimum le risque d'incendie ou

d'explosion ou pour éviter tout dommage matériel,

toute blessure ou la mort.

Ne pas entreposer ni utiliser d'essence ou ni

d'autres vapeurs ou liquides inflammables à

proximité de cet appareil ou de tout autre appareil.



Ne pas tenter d'allumer d'appareil.

Ne touchez á aucun interrupteur; ne pas

vous servir des téléphones se trouvant dans

la bâtiment.

Appelez immédiatement votre fournisseur

de gaz depuis un voisin. Suivre les instruc-

tions du fournisseur.

Si vous ne pouvez rejoindere le fournisseur,

appelez le service es incendies.

L'installation et l'entretien doivent être assurés

par un installeur qualifié ou par le fournisseur de


Replaces: 06-21-13

P/N 241519 Rev. 3

Table ofContents

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Table of Contents


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Summary of Contents for Raypak 106

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTIONS Atmospheric Above-Ground Pool & Spa Heater (Chauffe-Piscine) Models 106 & 156 English/French WARNING: If the information in these AVERTISsem*nT: Assurez-vous de bien suivre instructions are not followed exactly, a fire or les instructions données dans cette notice pour explosion may result causing property réduire au minimum le risque d’incendie ou...
  • Page 2 Rev. 2 reflects the following: Changes to: Fig. 3 on page 10, Table F on page 13, Fig. 28 on page 29 Additions: None Deletions: None...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Thermostat Operation—Advanced Flame WARNINGS Pay Attention to These Terms Technology (AFT) Board Status and Diagnostics WATER CHEMISTRY Automatic Chlorinators & Remote Control Installation Chemical Feeders Wiring Diagrams Post Start-Up Inspection SAFETY Water Temperature Safety Cold Weather Operation INTRODUCTION MAINTENANCE Ratings &...
  • Page 4: Warnings

    WARNINGS - Pay Attention to These Terms Indicates the presence of immediate hazards which will cause severe DANGER: personal injury, death or substantial property damage if ignored. Indicates the presence of hazards or unsafe practices which could cause WARNING: severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage if ignored. Indicates the presence of hazards or unsafe practices which could cause CAUTION: minor personal injury or product or property damage if ignored.
  • Page 5: Water Chemistry

    WATER CHEMISTRY • Automatic chemical dosing devices and salt chlo- rinators are usually more efficient in heated water, unless controlled, they can lead to excessive chlo- NOTE: Corrosive water voids all warranties. rine level which can damage your heater. • Further advice should be obtained from your pool or spa builder, accredited pool shop, or chemical Chemical imbalance can cause severe damage to...
  • Page 6: Safety

    Return to Spa Fig. 1: Spa/Chlorinator Setup SAFETY 4. Before entering the spa or hot tub, users should check the water temperature with an accurate This appliance is to be installed and operated by thermometer; spa or hot tub thermostats may err trained personnel in accordance with this Installation in regulating water temperatures by as much as and Operation Manual.
  • Page 7: Model Identification

    When ordering parts, specify the model and serial number of the heater. When ordering under warranty P - R 106 A - E N - C conditions, specify the date of installation. Records of the installation must be provided, when requested, to Plastic Header substantiate a claim.
  • Page 8: Installation

    INSTALLATION CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. WARNING: This unit contains refractory ceramic fiber (RCF) insulation in the combustion chamber. RCF, as manufactured, does not contain respirable crystalline silica. However, following sustained exposure to very high temperatures (>2192F), the RCF can transform into crystalline silica (cristabolite).
  • Page 9: Installation Codes

    Installation Codes However for ease of servicing, we recommend a clearance of at least 18" (45.7cm) on the rear. This will enable the heater to be serviced in its installed Installations must be in accordance with local, state, location, that is, without movement or removal of the provincial, and national codes, laws, regulations and heater.
  • Page 10 NOTE: The outdoor stack is optional equipment and for outdoor use. does not come standard with the heater. Use part number 014718 for the 106 and 014719 for the 156. Heater with Outdoor Stackless Top High Wind Conditions Heaters must not be installed under an overhang of (Outdoor Units Only) less than 3 ft (0.9m) from the top of the heater.
  • Page 11: Indoor Installation

    The outdoor stack serves the same function as the low Combustion must CAUTION: profile stackless top and should be installed in accor- contaminated by corrosive chemical fumes which dance with the same clearance requirements. Follow can damage the heater and void the warranty. Do the installation instructions provided with the Outdoor not store chlorine, bromine, baquasil or acid in the Stack Kit for installation.
  • Page 12: Gas Connections

    4 ft (1.2m) 4 ft (1.2m) 4 ft (1.2m) 3 ft (0.9m) 1 ft (0.3m) 10 ft (3m) Fig. 5: Outdoor Installation Clearances The discharge opening must be a minimum of 2 ft The weight of the vent stack or chimney must not rest (0.6m) vertically from the roof surface and at least 2 ft on heater drafthood.
  • Page 13: Gas Pressure Regulator

    Gas Pressure Adjustment Locations Fig. 8: Honeywell Gas Valve Fig. 7: Gas Line Sediment Trap Electronic Ignition Gas Valves NOTE: Do not use Teflon tape on gas line pipe thread. A flexible pipe sealant suitable for LP gases is recommended. Gas Pressure Regulator The gas pressure regulator is preset at 4.0 in W.C.
  • Page 14: Water Connections

    Flow Rates In/Out Header Model No. Minimum Maximum Hose Connector 106/156 20 GPM (75 L) 70 GPM (265 L) Hose *When flow rates exceed maximum 70 GPM, an external auxiliary bypass valve is required. See External Auxiliary Bypass Valve sec- tion for details.
  • Page 15 If there is any possibility of back-siphoning when the NOTE: Do not use a gate valve as an auxiliary pump stops, it is recommended that a check valve (or bypass valve. valves) also be installed in the system. Auxiliary Bypass Valve Adjustment Internal Automatic Bypass Valve To set bypass: With clean filter, adjustment is made by feeling the inlet and outlet pipes at the heater.
  • Page 16: Electrical Connections

    Heat Exchanger Pressure Drop ATTENTION. Au moment de l'entretien des Table commandes, étiquetez tous les fils avant de les débrancher. Des erreurs de câblage peuvent entraîner fonctionnement inadéquat Flow (GPM) Pressure Drop (ft of Head) dangereux. The heater must be electrically grounded and bonded in accordance with local codes, or, in the absence of local codes, with the latest edition of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.
  • Page 17: Owner's Operating Instructions

    OWNER’S OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Control Adjustments—Analog The pool or spa water temperature is controlled by the thermostat on the upper front panel of the heater. The control center contains an On/Off toggle switch and a thermostat. The switch functions as a means for turn- ing the heater On or Off.
  • Page 19: Thermostat Operation-Advanced Flame Technology (Aft) Board

    Thermostat Operation— Advanced Flame Technology (AFT) Board Program button Service Menu and Fault History Press the DOWN button. The Run Time indicates the To access the Service Menu and fault history, press total hours of operation for the pool heater, as meas- the MENU/SET and UP buttons simultaneously for 3 to ured by the amount of time that the main gas valve has 5 seconds.
  • Page 20 Program Button Fahrenheit or Celsius 1) Remove the four screws holding the control cover, Refer to step one above to access the program and swing the panel down so the back side of the screen. Press the MENU/SET button until Fahrenheit board is visible (see page 31).
  • Page 21: Status And Diagnostics

    NOTE: The LCD temperature display may not agree with the temperature reading of your pool or spa ther- mometer. The heater reads the water temperature at the inlet. Due to the circulation characteristics of any pool or spa, the water temperature at the inlet to the heater may differ from that observed at a given location in the pool or spa.
  • Page 22: Remote Control Installation

    REMOTE CONTROL INSTALLATION AND OPERATION CAUTION: Before installing remote controls to the AFT thermostat model heaters, read the following: The digital thermostat model is remote-ready in most cases. The digital liquid crystal display (LCD) shows the actual pool temperature, operating status, and service codes (See examples below). The touch pad on the con- trol panel allows you to select the desired pool or spa temperature.
  • Page 23 REMOTE CONTROL WIRING Important Installation Notes for Remote or External Wiring Configuration • Remote wiring must be run in a separate conduit. • Remote wiring must not be run parallel to high voltage lines. • For runs of under 30 feet (9.1m), remote wiring should have stranded conductors with a minimum of 22 AWG, 600V, cable twisting 1.5 to 2.5 in.
  • Page 24: Wiring Diagrams

    Wiring Diagrams Fig. 19: Wiring Diagram—Analog Models Fig. 20: Wiring Diagram—Digital Models...
  • Page 25: Post Start-Up Inspection

    Time Clock/Fireman’s Switch To operate the heater with a time clock, connect the timer to the fireman’s switch connection in the heater’s wiring. The time clock should be of the dual switch type and set to shut off the call for heat to the pool heater (chauffe-piscine) 15 to 20 minutes prior to shut- ting down the pool pump.
  • Page 26: Maintenance

    1. Turn off gas valve, manual gas valve, and electri- 5. On indoor heaters, clean room intake openings to cal supply to the heater. ensure adequate flow of combustion and ventila- tion air. 2. Open the drain plug located on the In/Out header, under the water pipes.
  • Page 27: Flame Roll-Out Safety Switch

    3. Turn pump off and on several times. Heater should Heaters are equipped with a thermal cutoff device to shut off immediately. If it does not, repeat the prevent flame roll-out in the event the heat exchanger above steps. becomes blocked. This is a "single-use" type fusible link or thermal fuse, that must be replaced when dis- abled by an over-temperature condition, caused by NOTE: If heater is installed outside of the limits...
  • Page 28: Burner Tray Removal

    Fig. 26: Burner Tray Assembly Burner Tray Removal Gas Valve Removal Shut off main electrical power switch to heater. Remove burner tray. Shut off gas upstream of heater. Disconnect pilot tubing from gas valve Remove front door Rotate the gas valve counter clockwise to remove valve from nipple.
  • Pilot Removal & Cleaning Remove burner tray from heater Disconnect tubing from gas valve. Remove (2) screws holding pilot bracket in place. see image. Remove the pilot assembly by pushing the pilot Remove the locating pilot screw from the bracket to release the pilot assembly.
  • Page 30: Heat Exchanger Removal

    Heat Exchanger Removal De-sooting Procedure CAUTION: Soot may be combustible. Wet sooted 1. Shut water, gas and electricity off, close valves surfaces completely prior to cleaning. Do not use and relieve pressure, then remove relief valve. steel wire brush. Remove side inspection panels. 2.
  • Page 31: Replacement Parts

    Replacement Parts NOTE: When ordering parts, it is important that the heater model number, serial number, and type of gas are specified. Any part returned for replacement under standard company warranties must be properly tagged with a return parts tag, completely filled in with the heater serial number, model number, etc., and shipped to the Company freight prepaid.
  • Page 32: Troubleshooting Mechanical

    TROUBLESHOOTING Mechanical IMPORTANT NOTICE These instructions are intended for the use of qualified personnel who are specifically trained and experienced in the installation of this type of heating equipment and related system components. Installation and service personnel may be required by some states to be licensed.
  • Page 33: Electronic Control Logic Flowchart

    ELECTRONIC CONTROL LOGIC - FLOW CHART Power On • Check On/Off switch (under lid on control panel) Is the water • Check for 120/240 volts to the transformer temperature displayed? (time clock, circuit breaker, wire connections) • Check for 24 volts to Circuit Board (P6 connector) “Remote”...
  • Page 34: Analog Control Logic Flowchart

    ANALOG CONTROL LOGIC - FLOW CHART START Turn knob to a desired temperature zone. The home circuit breaker may have tripped. Check and reset if necessary. Turn switch on. After six (6) seconds, Is there power to the heater? does the pilot spark? 1.
  • Page 35: Illustrated Parts List

    ILLUSTRATED PARTS LIST 10-S 10-C 12-M 11-M 10-M...
  • Page 36 14-H 13-H 12-H 15-H 10-H (OPTIONAL) 11-H 16-H (OPTIONAL) 17-H...
  • Page 37 CALL DESCRIPTION 106A 156A BURNER TRAY Burner Tray (Sea Level)* Natural Gas 014841F 014842F Propane Gas 014845F 014846F Burner Tray w/Gas Valve (Sea Level)* Natural Gas 014849F 014850F Propane Gas 014853F 014854F Burner Burner Orifice (Sea Level)* Natural 1.30mm 014857F/13 014858F/19 Propane .84mm 014861F/13...
  • Page 38 014894F 014895F Jacket Right 014896F 014897F Jacket Upper Front 014898F 014898F Jacket Lower Rear 014899F 014899F Flue Collector 014900F 014901F Door Panel Raypak 014902F 014902F Rheem 014903F 014903F Ruud 014902F 014902F Access Panels 014904F 014904F Control Panel Analog 014905F Digital...
  • Page 40 Raypak, Inc., 2151 Eastman Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030 (805) 278-5300 Fax (805) 278-5468 Litho in U.S.A.

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